Career Path Featuring Randy

Myrl & Roy’s employees enjoy a variety of opportunities to advance their careers in any number of directions. ❤️ With experience and additional training, their career path is their own.

A career in the construction industry can start at different points for different people. There's no one path for everyone, here’s Randy’s path:

💥💥Meet RANDY💥💥

Where he started...
👷‍♂️Randy started out working at Myrl and Roy’s Paving working on one of the crushing crews.
👷‍♂️From that Randy worked at the asphalt plant as plant tinder. This involved helping the plant operator to make sure the plant is running smoothly.
👷‍♂️Randy was then promoted to asphalt plant operator. This position is responsible for meeting daily production schedules at a Hot Mix Asphalt Plant.

Where he is now...
👷‍♂️After many years of being the plant operator, Randy moved over to Ace Ready Mix.
👷‍♂️At Ace, Randy is the yard loader which involves. loading material from stockpiles into plant and may oil, grease, service and make normal operating adjustments to equipment. Ensuring that the yard is maintained including under the tail pulleys and wash racks, perform housekeeping duties when needed including shoveling, washing and minor repairs

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